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I told two people I liked their shirts today: a younger girl (maybe like, 14ish?) wearing a The Fault In Our Stars shirt, and an “older” guy (older than me, anyway; late 30s, early 40s?) wearing a Ghostbusters shirt.

Both compliments were exactly the same “Hey, your shirt is awesome”, but the reactions were completely different. The girl smiled and thanked me, while the guy looked pissed off that I was even talking to him.

There’s no real lesson or moral, here, I just find their completely different reactions interesting.

Shouldn’t their reactions have been the same? I mean, shouldn’t the guy have found it cool that someone likes what he likes? We were walking in to the theater to see the movie your shirt is advertising — couldn’t you have said "Yeah man, stoked to see this in theaters after all these years!"???


I don’t think you guys realize how big of a crush I have on my cat.

I love the show Chuck. Love it. But I gotta say, it gets a little old that Sarah is constantly matched up with female bad guys when it comes time to throw down. She could take out any of the male villains on that show. It just gets a little played out that everytime there is a girl villain, you know that she and Sarah are gonna fight.

  • *Kyril sees a large gash on my arm*
  • Kyril: What happened there?
  • Me: Uh...I don't really want to talk about it. It was kind of embarrassing.
  • Kyril: Haha, what did you do?
  • Me: I saw a spider and got freaked out, so I kinda flailed my arms around and I cut that one on my guitar.
  • *Kyril almost falls over laughing*

Lately, I realized I have a sexist mindset when it comes to driving.

Whenever something “bad” happens when I am driving (someone almost sideswipes me, someone cuts me off, someone blows through a stop sign or a red light, etc.), I ALWAYS assume the driver is a man.


It doesn’t matter that of the times I have been able to see who’s driving, half turn out to be women, I still assume that it’s a man whenever something like that happens, heh.

Now here’s the kicker: am I being sexist for assuming that all bad drivers are men, or am I being sexist for assuming that women aren’t bad drivers?

I have absolutely no patience for those who care more about being right than being kind.

My thought process when I receive a game request on Facebook:

1. How many requests has this person sent me? Do they do anything BUT play games on Facebook?
2. (if the name of the game is particularly weird) Where do they even FIND these games???

You know what doesn’t go through my head, though?

"That sounds fun! I should play ALL OF THESE!"

I wish it was easier to explain to people when everything goes wrong in your head. When weeks go by where you don’t even feel like yourself. When you ignore someone you want to be close with because you don’t want them to see that side of you. When it feels like all that’s really left is for you to disconnect and run on auto-pilot until something magically fixes itself…I wish there was a word for this collection of idiotic thoughts that didn’t send people running.

Dang! Stephen Colbert is gonna take over for David Letterman. I kinda pegged it between him and Conan O’Brien. It would have been great to see Conan back on a network and working with a bigger audience again, but I think it will be fun to see what Colbert does with a different format; one where he is able to be himself and not the character that he portrays on the Colbert Report.

I wonder if Comedy Central will bring someone in to fill the slot after The Daily Show? John Oliver, maybe? I just hope Craig Ferguson gets to keep his job — there is talk that they might switch that show over as well. Thoughts, anyone?

I went to The Winter Soldier last night and I was really bummed to find that there were apparently no fans of Community in the theater (which was packed). Danny Pudi hit the screen and had a funny couple of scenes and while I was pretty much dying in my seat, no one else even reacted.

I suppose I could be a hipster about the whole thing and feel cool that I recognized someone that no one else did, but I would much rather have everyone LOVE Community, as it is so freaking awesome.

Sometimes, I am glad that I don’t have a smart phone, or at least a phone that saves texts by conversation. I feel like if my phone did that, it would be really depressing to see how many texts I send that never get a response, heh.

I’m not great at taking hints, figuring out what someone means when they don’t say anything, or responding as though something definitive was said. I just wish there wasn’t so much guess work all the time. I wish someone would write down how they were feeling on a big sign and then beat me over the head with it.

But…I feel like this is one of those times where I should be taking some sort of hint, and I guess that’s something.

Weird / awkward situation…

Back story: I moved to the city I am in now close to 5 years ago. I had planned on moving here before that, but I was in a band back in my home town with some really good friends, and it turned out that most of them were going to be moving to this city too, so I changed my plans a bit and decided to move when they did so we could keep playing music together.

For a while, it was fun. Took us a while to get someone to replace our drummer (who did not move, given the fact that he was about 7 or 8 years older than us, married, and has two kids), but we started playing and hanging out and it was a good time.

People change, I get that, but it’s never easy. The kid who was my best friend in the band started distancing himself from ever doing anything outside of practice and it finally came to a point where I told him that I felt like we weren’t having fun with playing music, and part of that was because we never did anything outside of practice and shows. He responded by telling me that he had no interest in playing music anymore and that he also had no interest in remaining friends.

To be honest, I was kind of heart broken. I loved playing music and I was really excited about the songs we were writing. He and I had better musical chemistry than anyone I had ever played with. More importantly, he was my best friend at the time. I am not gonna say that I wasn’t at fault in the deterioration of things, cause that wouldn’t really be fair, but I was blindsided by him saying that.

Time went on, and after probably a year(ish) of ducking each other when we find ourselves in the same place, he finally responded to an email I had sent him and we SORT OF patched things up. (I say “SORT OF” because since then, we’ve never hung out one on one and any group things we have found ourselves in have been by accident, meaning we weren’t aware the other was going to be there).

Fast forward to today and the current weird / awkward situation: I have no idea what he thinks of me anymore, but when I think of him, I think "Oh…I used to be friends with that guy." I try to text him every now and then, but I never get a reply. A really good friend of both of ours came to town recently and the out of town friend had to split up how he spent time with us because he knew the “ex” friend of mine didn’t want to be around me.

So…the weird part about all this is — he’s in a new band. I am not a clingy ex girlfriend, hahaha, I FIGURED he would start a new band, but the weird thing is, this dude that I used to be really good friends with, used to play music with NEVER talks to me, but sends me little event invitations to their shows whenever they play one. I’m not an idiot, I know how those things work, so I am sure he is just selecting everyone that lives in this town, but it still feels strange.

What’s weirder about the whole situation is: I actually feel BAD for not going. I mean, I know I shouldn’t feel bad — he doesn’t give a crap about maintaining a friendship with me — but I still do. They are playing another show tonight and my cousin wants me to go, but it’s like…this is a guy who didn’t want to play music with me, didn’t want to be bothered with maintaining any semblance of a friendship with me, and I am supposed to go support his new band?

Too long, didn’t read. I know. I just wanted to write it all out and see if SOMEONE might think I am not crazy for thinking this whole situation is effin weird. *shrug*

So…story time. There is this kid at work that has always kind of freaked me out. I say “kid” mainly because of his behavior, but he’s probably in his 30s, heh. Our job is based (essentially) on commission, so every now and then you’re gonna have a crappy day / night. It just happens, and most people are able to accept it and move on.

Most people.

This “kid” freaks out. He punches his desk, tears up magazines (the other day, I saw him tear part of his coat off and then tear that part into smaller pieces), and actively curses about how much he hates everyone and everything. There was one night where he got so annoyed, he flung his chair away from his desk and stormed out. The thing rolled about 40 feet and received a lot of strange looks throughout the night from people who walked by it (the managers smartly left the chair there for him to retrieve the next day and own up to his childishness).

I realize this probably isn’t the type of person I should actively try to annoy, but I recently noticed that he has a collection of disturbing books on his desk — multiple books on Nazi culture and a book on the “dangers of homosexuality” — and my instinct is to piss him off. I am thinking of putting a menorah on my desk or a Star of David flag.

  • Gamer 1: Sonic? Seriously? That's your pick for "best game of all time"?
  • Gamer 2: Why not? What's wrong with Sonic?
  • Gamer 1: All you do is run around and jump through rings. Boring.
  • Gamer 2: Okay, what about Mario Bros.?
  • Gamer 1: Run, jump, murder turtles.
  • Gamer 2: Donkey Kong?
  • Gamer 1: Run, jump, throw barrels, oppress animals deemed lesser than the title character.
  • Gamer 2: Oppress animals? In Donkey Kong?
  • Gamer 1: Donkey Kong regularly uses the rhino and the frog for cannon fodder.
  • Gamer 2: Okay, okay -- what about Mega Man?
  • Gamer 1: Rip off of Metroid.
  • Gamer 2: Wha??? I think Mega Man came out before Metroid.
  • Gamer 1: I don't care. Mega Man has an inferiority complex and its name is Samus Aran.
  • Gamer 2: Good God...Zelda?
  • Gamer 1: The problem with that is in the title.
  • Gamer 2: Cause it's Link?
  • Gamer 1: CAUSE IT'S LINK. Give me the Legend of Link and we'll talk.
  • Gamer 2: So a title is keeping you from giving the game the "best ever" standing?
  • Gamer 1: Oh God no -- hack and slash if ever there was one.
  • Gamer 2: I give up. What SHOULD be my pick for the best game ever?
  • Gamer 1: Tetris.
  • Gamer 2: ...don't talk to me the rest of the day.